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3-Day Professional Learning Series

Learning & Planning Instruction to promote Students’ Deeper Understanding of Mathematics


DAY 1: Making Sense of Math

Professional learning day with a focus on Reasoning and Discourse.

  • Discern how mathematical tasks and questions differ with respect to the level of thinking required to solve them
  • Deepen understanding that learning mathematics involves students’ constructing ideas and systems
  • Recognize the role of productive discourse in students’ mathematical reasoning and sensemaking
  • Understand the role of reasoning and discourse in Next Generation Assessments

DAY 2: Mathematical Thinking

A Focus on Representation and Procedural Fluency

  • Logical Reasoning and Classroom Discourse
  • How Students Learn
  • Aspects of Learning
  • Comparing Mathematical Tasks

DAY 3: Planning for Rigorous Learning Experiences

Hands-on planning sessions for teachers and coaches with your district’s materials and resources

  • Create a common vision for effective math instruction that supports student success.
  • Select and modify activities to form a coherent set of learning experiences for students.
  • Understand the Instructional Planning Process so they may apply it to their own classroom(s).

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