Common Core Mathematical Practices Series™, Grades K–12

Course Description

This series introduces educators to the central ideas embodied in the Standards for Mathematical Practice. We align what educators already know with what they need to learn about developing expertise in the “processes and proficiencies” outlined in the standards. Participants will leave each course with instructional skills and strategies they can use in their classrooms immediately.

Course/Day 1: Making Sense of Math—A Focus on Reasoning and Discourse
Course/Day 2: Mathematical Thinking—A Focus on Representation and Procedural Fluency
Course/Day 3: Problem Solving—Developing Disposition, Competence, and Confidence

Designed to precede or follow an in-depth exploration of the content standards, this series is offered as a three-day institute or as individual courses over time.

Learning Outcomes

  • Strengthen participants’ math content and pedagogical knowledge in order to understand various solution paths and students’ reasoning
  • Understand how students learn in order to make instructional decisions about tasks to complete and questions to pose
  • Develop insight into individual learners’ content mastery and math reasoning
  • Cultivate new instructional strategies that promote thinking, reasoning, and sensemaking

Target Audiences

Math Coaches, Teacher Leaders, Teachers


Three-Day, Additional Options May Be Available


K–12, K–2, K–5, K–8, 3–5, 6–8, 6–12, 9–12

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