Math Workshop:
Structures and Practices for Student Learning

This course highlights Math Workshop, a model for organizing standards-based instruction to support all learners in the mathematics classroom. Participants engage in the Math Workshop model of instruction, reflect on how the structures and learning environment leverage increased learning for all students, and create a plan to implement Math Workshop in the classroom.

Math Solutions goes beyond traditional professional learning by focusing on implementation, providing continuous support for continued success. When professional development merely describes a skill, only 10 percent of teachers can transfer it to their practice. However, when teachers are coached through the awkward phase of implementation, more than 95 percent can replicate what they’ve seen. Sustain your Math Workshop professional learning with coaching from Math Solutions.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the purpose and use of the three structures of Math Workshop.
  • Verbalize and act on the roles of the teacher and students in the Math Workshop classroom.
  • Implement a plan for getting started with Math Workshop.
  • Create a Math Workshop classroom that relies on formative assessment and differentiation.

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