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Mathematics Discourse in Secondary Classrooms

A Practice-Based Resource for Professional Learning


Available Fall 2017!

Built from research-based frameworks, this powerful professional learning program provides groups of participants with opportunities to grapple with important ideas about mathematics discourse in an effort to support every student to engage in richer, deeper discourse that positively impacts their learning of mathematics and their identities as mathematics learners. Organized for both novice and experienced professional learning facilitators, the program features the following components:

Facilitator’s Guide

This more than 500–page Facilitator’s Guide offers seven professional learning modules, called Constellations. Each is organized as a set of case-based, practice-based activities providing 30 to 40 hours of experiences.

Participant Guides

 Each Constellation offers a participant guide in a downloadable, full-color PDF format.

Video and Audio Clips

The resource contains five video clips and one audio clip as part of the narrative cases. All clips are accessible online or via the QR codes in the Facilitator’s Guide.

PowerPoint Slides

A downloadable PowerPoint presentation further helps with facilitating the modules.

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