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Making Sense of Math–Reasoning and Discourse

Students need to build a deep understanding of mathematics and use that understanding to reason about problems, make sense of new learning, and communicate their thinking to others. This full-day course is designed to introduce participants to the processes and habits of mind students need to develop, with particular emphasis on the role of reasoning and discourse in mathematics. During this course, teachers will engage in reasoning and discourse, and discuss the implications for their students. In addition, they analyze the complexity of mathematical tasks and consider strategies for transforming grade-level tasks to increase the level of rigor.
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The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) recommends that teachers use tasks that:

  • Invite exploration of important mathematical concepts
  • Allow students the opportunity to solidify and extend knowledge
  • Encourage students to make connections and develop a coherent framework for mathematical ideas
  • Call for problem formulation, problem solving, and mathematical reasoning
  • Provide more than one solution path
  • Promote the development of all students’ dispositions to do math
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