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Math Expressions Follow-Up Course Topics

    In the first and second year of implementation, our Follow-Up topics provide additional guidance to deepen mastery, hone teaching skills and build confidence when teaching Math Expressions. Topics are offered as full-day courses, or choose to focus on multiple topics and choose the amount of time you’d like to devote to each.




Available Grade Ranges*


*Additional options may be available

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Format: Full-day, Half-day, Webinar

Plan Effectively Follow-Up                                                                             9781328852540

Monitor Student Progress Follow-Up                                                            9781328852557

Differentiate Instruction in a Digital Classroom Using the HMH Player        9781328852571

Personalize and Adapt Student Learning with the Personal Math Trainer    9781328852588

Math Expressions Five Core Classroom Structures Follow-Up-Course          9781328451606

Math Talk and Math Expressions Follow-Up-Course                                     9781328451583

Problem Solving in Math Expressions Follow-Up-Course                              9781328451613

Math Models with Math Expressions Follow-Up-Course                              9781328451590

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