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Math in Focus Getting Started

This course develops participants’ understanding of the research-based pedagogy and instructional strategies used throughout Math in Focus that contribute to increased confidence, competence, and achievement in mathematics. Participants explore the unique program components, engaging learning experiences, and built-in support as they learn to successfully plan for instruction.


Available Grade Ranges*

K–5 K–8

*Additional options may be available

Additional Info

Format: Full-day, Half-day, Webinar, Grades K-5

Getting Started – Half-day                   9780358171577

Getting Started – Full-day                    9780358167242

Getting Started – Webinar                    9780358171584

Getting Started – Train-the-Trainer   9780358171591

Getting Started Leadership Webinar  9780358171607


Format: Full-day, Half-day, Webinar, Grades 6-8

Getting Started – Half-day                    9780358171676

Getting Started – Full-day                     9780358171683

Getting Started – Webinar                     9780358171690

Getting Started – Train-the-Trainer    9780358171706

Getting Started Leadership Webinar  9780358171737

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