Treve BrinkmanDirector of Professional Learning

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Treve Brinkman
Director of Professional Learning

Treve Brinkman is devoted to building the capacity of both teachers and students in order to create classrooms where growth mindset, communication, and deep mathematical understanding are central. In the role of the Professional Learning Specialist, Treve supports districts’ professional learning for leaders and teachers through the facilitation of both whole group learning as well as individual coaching sessions. His positive and enthusiastic conviction brings a heightened engagement to any professional learning.

Treve began his career with a year teaching English in Kumamoto, Japan, followed by thirteen years of teaching middle school math in both the resource and collaboration settings in Great Falls, MT.  His final year of teaching involved the use of the MATH180 program.  After his experience with the program, Treve decided that he had no choice but to bring this experience of growth mindset and deep conceptual understanding of mathematics to “as many teachers and students as possible.”  Treve joined Math Solutions in 2015 and has since served as the Project Manager of a MATH180 implementation and as a Professional Learning Specialist in events and districts across the U.S.  His passion for empowering students and teachers has guided each of these pathways. He has recently relocated from Montana to Denver, CO with his wife and two children.

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