Do the Math

scholastic-learning-DoTheMathDo The Math® helps students in grades 1 and up catch up and keep up with grade level content. Do The Math develops students’ understanding of whole numbers and fractions through lessons that foster reasoning and number sense.

Developed and delivered by Math Solutions, Do The Math professional learning courses and coaching services drive teacher practice and provide opportunities to grow as a math educator.

Maximize the benefits of Do The Math with professional learning opportunities to improve instruction!
With additional job-embedded coaching and professional services, Math Solutions can expand upon your initial training by providing ongoing support to ensure continued success.

Do The Math and Do The Math Now! Implementation Trainings

  • Learn how to effectively use Do The Math modules or Do The Math Now!
  • Navigating program materials
  • Experiencing the pace of a Do The Math module or Do The Math Now! Unit
  • Receive tips for implementing instructional strategies, assessing student progress, and learning how to differentiate instruction

Do The Math and Do The Math Now! Foundational Seminars

  • Help teachers gain a deeper understanding of instructional strategies and underlying mathematics content
  • Understand the importance of focus, structure, and coherence as they apply to the sequencing and pacing of math intervention content
  • Demonstrate how observation strategies can inform instruction
  • Support second language learners

Do The Math and Do The Math Now! In-Classroom Support

  • Provide teachers with optimal coaching support as they observe and model Do The Math or Do The Math Now! lessons
  • Provide feedback and demonstrate best practices and reviewing teaching strategies in selected modules

Extend the Best Practices of Do The Math and Do The Math Now! to ALL Your Math Teachers

Math Solutions Professional Learning Courses:
Prepare for the new, high-stakes assessments by improving teachers’ content knowledge and developing effective teaching strategies. Expand on your Do The Math and Do The Math Now! professional learning with services including, but not limited to:

Math Solutions Coaching:
Research shows that teacher effectiveness is maximized with ongoing, high-quality professional learning from an instructional coach. Enhance the knowledge and experience of your math leadership team and teachers by developing a strategic coaching plan customized to meet the needs of your district.

  • Model lessons, including pre- and post-conversations, to illustrate instructional techniques;
  • Differentiation strategies that will help educators meet the needs of all students;
  • A focus on developing and deepening math content knowledge;
  • Analysis of student work samples to assess learning and determine instructional next steps;
  • Facilitation of professional learning communities, cadres, and collaborative planning.

Support mathematical understanding in your classroom with resources to supplement your Do The Math and Do The Math Now! Instruction:

Marilyn Burns is one of today’s most highly respected mathematics educators. Over the course of more than 50 years, Marilyn has taught children, led in-service sessions, spoken at conferences, contributed to professional journals, written more than a dozen books for children, and created more than 20 professional development resources for teachers and administrators.

In 1984, Marilyn formed Math Solutions Professional Development, an organization dedicated to the improvement of math instruction in Grades K–8. Working with a highly qualified team of in-service leaders, Marilyn offered specialized courses to teachers and administrators nationwide.

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the founding of Math Solutions, Marilyn revised her classic K–8 resource, About Teaching Mathematics, for its 4th edition, available at the end of 2014.

In 2007, in collaboration with Scholastic, Marilyn developed Do The Math, an intervention program for Grades 2 and up that focuses on Number and Operations. Do The Math targets addition and subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions. In 2012, working with a team of Math Solutions colleagues, Marilyn developed Math Reasoning Inventory (MRI), a web-based formative assessment tool suitable for Grades 5 and up, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Also in 2012, Marilyn and Scholastic developed Math Reads, a program that helps teachers use children’s literature for teaching mathematics.

Marilyn continues to teach regularly in the classroom, finding the experience essential to developing and testing new ideas and materials.