Math Workshop Professional Learning

Math Workshop by Jennifer Lempp

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Math Workshop is an approach to teaching mathematics that places students at the center of math learning.

Video resource available in December. Professional Learning course, Math Workshop: Structures and Practices for Student Learning, available January 2018. Fill out the form below to download more information on our Math Workshop solutions.

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The Benefits of Math Workshop

The Math Workshop approach focuses on instruction, practice, and reflection and is most effective when students are the "doers" and teachers are the facilitators. It embraces a teaching and learning approach that:

  • Provides students with differentiated instruction that is targeted and based upon individual student understanding.
  • Encourages independence, responsibility, and risk-taking in students, creating mathematicians with a solid foundation of number sense that results in a conceptual understanding of mathematics
  • Provides students with engaging learning experiences that promote mathematical thinking, mathematical discourse, and a positive disposition toward mathematics.