Episode 2.3
Math Positive Mindsets

Released May 02nd, 2020

Hosted By

Jennifer Lenhardt

Senior Instructional Designer

Nikki LaLonde

Director of Professional Learning


Dr. Carrier Cutler

An award-winning university professor, Dr. Carrie Cutler is passionate about early childhood education and mathematics. A former 1st and 4th-grade public school teacher, she has influenced a generation of elementary and preschool teachers as a university methods professor since 1998. She began her college teaching career at Brigham Young University while still a master’s student and is currently a clinical assistant professor of mathematics education at the University of Houston, where she earned her doctorate in 2006. A sought-after presenter, she provides more than 40 workshops per year all around the United States. Dr. Cutler has been awarded the Teaching Excellence Award at the University of Houston and the Outstanding Teacher Educator award from the Houston Area Association for the Education of Young Children.  Carrie loves conducting and learning from educational research but finds that her best teachers are her own eight children—ages 4 to 22.

This month’s podcast episode features author and educator, Dr. Carrie Cutler. Listen in as Dr. Cutler shares her math story and how her book Math Positive Mindsets addresses the trends she noticed in mathematical mindsets. Her experience and candor shine through as she shares inspiration and tips especially relevant during this season of interrupted learning.

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