Episode 6
Nicole Bridge and Le’Vada Gray, “You Belong Here”

Released July 24th, 2019

Hosted By

Nikki LaLonde

Director of Professional Learning

Jennifer Lenhardt

Senior Instructional Designer


Le'Vada Gray

Le’Vada is a Director of Professional Learning at Math Solutions. Check out her new blog, Black Girl Math.
Click here to learn more.

Nicole Bridge

Nicole is a Professional Learning Consultant at Math Solutions.

Nicole Bridge wearing a t-shirt printed with #inspiremathculture and Le'Vada Gray

This month’s podcast episode features Math Solutions teammates Nicole Bridge and Le’Vada Gray sharing their math stories and practical tips for making math classrooms spaces where each and every student belongs. Le’Vada and Nicole discuss how to notice each student through their unique perspectives on what it means to be a person learning mathematics. Check out Le’Vada’s blog, Black Girl Math for recent posts about culturally responsive mathematics teaching and tune in to hear how Nicole and Le’Vada bring their backgrounds and love of learning to teachers and students every day.

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