Episode 2.2
People Over Production: Featured Discussion, COVID-19

Released March 30th, 2020

Hosted By

Jennifer Lenhardt

Senior Instructional Designer

Nikki LaLonde

Director of Professional Learning


Dr. Tyrone Howard

Dr. Tyrone Howard is a professor in the Graduate School of Education and associate dean for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at UCLA. He established the Black Male Institute, an interdisciplinary group of scholars, practitioners, community members, and policymakers dedicated to facilitating the difficult conversations and changes that will improve the educational experiences and life chances of males of color. He is a Senior Fellow at the International Center for Leadership in Education, and the author of All Students Must Thrive.

tyrone howard

In this episode, Dr. Tyrone Howard shares his perspective on the connective role that teachers and schools play within communities, particularly amidst the new and changing realities created by the COVID-19 pandemic. He talks about our current challenges, shines a light on the disproportionate impact of school closures to vulnerable members of our communities, and offers practical ways to think globally and act locally. Join us for an honest, encouraging, real conversation.

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