Introducing Method to the Mathness: Episode 1 with Marilyn Burns

by Math Solutions Professional Learning Team, February 09th, 2019

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We’re thrilled to be launching Method to the Mathness, a podcast for math educators, by math educators, about the universal truths in math education.

In our first episode, hosts Nikki La Londe, Jennifer Lenhardt, and Mary Mitchell dive into some of those universal truths with Math Solutions founder, author, and lifelong educator and learner, Marilyn Burns. Marilyn was kind enough to share her insights on student interviews, a few tips for teaching, and her current to-be-read pile of books with us.

Check out episode one and let us know in the comments what your own universal truth is about mathematics education!





Everyone has their own method to get to the mathness, but the mathness is what it’s all about.

Students need to make sense of what they’re doing, and persist until they do.

Hold your beliefs as opinions, learn from the people around you, and most importantly, listen to your students.


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