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Fall Webinar Series

Ready to inspire a culture of math achievement in your classrooms? Join our experts on Thursdays in September and October.

Math Solutions Bundle: Math Workshop book and two Math Games books in a Math Solutions nylon backpack

Each webinar participant will have a chance to win a backpack filled with Math Solutions publications.

Make Math Class Work for All Students

with Dr. Matt Larson and Jennifer Lenhardt

September 5th, 6pm ET

In order to improve the mathematics learning of students and simultaneously close learning differentials, we must overcome the obstacles that have traditionally stood in the way of mathematics working for each and every student. Examine six principles of effective mathematics programs and look at action steps necessary to overcome these obstacles.

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Dr. Matt Larson

Senior Fellow, Math Solutions


Jennifer Lenhardt

Sr. Instructional Designer, Math Solutions

Supporting English Learners in Math

with Rusty Bresser and Meghan Toshner

September 12th, 6pm ET

English learners face unique language challenges that affect their ability to actively engage in and make sense of mathematics. By planning and implementing language-rich lessons, all students, especially those learning English as a second language can overcome the challenges they face in math class. Hear the current research and explore effective strategies for facilitating understanding and the use the language in mathematics.

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Rusty Bresser

Author, Math Solutions


Meghan Toshner

Sr. Instructional Designer, Math Solutions

Setting Goals for Your Math Classroom

with Mary Mitchell and Sue Chapman

September 19th, 6pm ET

Learn how to maximize student learning while strengthening your instructional craft using our Instructional Practices Inventory, a goalsetting tool that is based on the belief that ALL students are capable of learning high-level mathematics. Take action on your mathematical teaching practices and grow your students into mathematicians.

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Mary Mitchell

Author, Math Solutions


Sue Chapman

Author, Math Solutions

Differentiate Instruction with Math Workshop

with Jennifer Lempp and Brenda Konicke

September 26th, 6pm ET

Learn WHY Math Workshop is a valuable model for instruction and HOW to establish routines and procedures that help get differentiated guided groups and learning stations up and running. You’ll gain a solid understanding of the different structures within Math Workshop and be able to see how it all fits into your K-5 math class.

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Jennifer Lempp

Author, Math Solutions


Brenda Konicke

Director of Professional Learning, Math Solutions

Number Talks

with Lisa Bush and Le'Vada Gray

October 3, 6pm ET

Number Talks offer a structured way for students to build their mental math muscles. Students develop number sense, flexible thinking, and visualization skills. Number Talks help students become fluent with calculations and support them with problem solving. Together we’ll consider how to get the most from this engaging and easy to implement practice in any classroom

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Lisa Bush

Senior Director of Professional Learning, Math Solutions


Le'Vada Gray

Director of Professional Learning, Math Solutions

The "M" in STEM

with Dr. Sarah Brewer and Nikki LaLonde

October 10, 6pm ET

When you think of STEM education chances are you separate the M from STEM. The truth is, math education is STEM education. Teaching mathematics well is an important component of a comprehensive STEM program. Together we’ll explore the mathematics that students learn in school and the important content and thinking that can be used as tools for tackling integrative STEM problems.

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Sarah Brewer

Professional Learning Specialist, Math Solutions


Nikki LaLonde

Director of Professional Learning, Math Solutions

STEM Round Table

facilitated by Sarah Brewer

October 24, 6pm ET

Math Solutions has gathered four STEM experts to help you think about improving student learning in STEM education. You’ll hear many perspectives on STEM and focus on STEM in the classroom, how science education has evolved, the future of science education, and the inclusion of technology and mathematics in STEM education.

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Timothy L. Sisson

STEM Educator Director of the Northeast Ohio STEM Ecosystem