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Welcome to Math Class by Marilyn Burns

Welcome to Math Class

A Collection of Marilyn’s Favorite Lessons, Grades K-6

Welcome to Math Class features 16 favorite lessons from Marilyn Burns, one of the most highly respected mathematics educators. In this specially compiled collection, Marilyn shares lessons that have weathered the test of time and become permanent parts of her teaching repertoire.


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The Lessons

Presented as stories, Marilyn’s signature vignettes describe classroom-tested lessons and reveal both the preparing and planning helpful for instruction, as well as:

  • address a broad range of math content, some focusing on number and operations while others engaging students with geometry, algebraic thinking, probability, and more;
  • provide a detailed look at how lessons unfolded in actual classrooms, including how students responded and examples of students’ written work;
  • are presented in sections to make it easier for you to translate them into your own teaching plans; and
  • describe how to organize instruction to maximize students’ opportunities to verbalize and clarify their ideas and also listen to and learn from each other.

The Audio Segments

Included with the lessons is online access to nine audio segments titled “Conversations with Marilyn.” In each segment, Marilyn, joined by longtime Math Solutions colleague Patty Clark, talks about teaching math. The conversations focus on topics that range from “What Makes a Good Problem?” to “The Meaning of Math Menus.” Consider them your personal conversations, meant to support you further as you plan to use the lessons with your students.

The Reproducibles

When appropriate, lessons include accompanying reproducibles, available in a down­loadable, printable format. For access to the audio segments and reproducibles, visit and use the key code WTMC to register.

Marilyn’s Blog

Also in the book are references to biogs Marilyn has written that are relevant to particular lessons. These biogs and others can be read at You can also connect with Marilyn on Twitter at @mburnsmath.

Marilyn’s Math Chats

Hear behind-the-scenes stories from Marilyn on the inspiration for Welcome to Math Class.


Audio Sneak Peeks:

Chapter 4 Sneak Peek

Welcome to Math Class Audio Sneak Peek Chapter 4: “Counting Pockets, Beans, and More”

Chapter 3 Sneak Peek

Welcome to Math Class Audio Sneak Peek Chapter 3: “The Consecutive Sums Problem” (Part 1)

Welcome to Math Class Audio Sneak Peek Chapter 3: “The Consecutive Sums Problem” (Part 2)

Welcome to Math Class Conversation 2: Marilyn’s Math Story

Conversation 2 Transcript

Welcome to Math Class Conversation 9: Why Play Games in Math Class?

Conversation 9 Transcript

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