Leadership Support


Leadership Courses & Coaching

A strategic plan is only as effective as the team that implements it. Ensuring quality instruction requires the support of a strong instructional leadership team with the vision and confidence to initiate and sustain a cultural and tactical shift in instruction. Math Solutions courses and coaching will guide the members of your leadership team as they learn how to observe, assess, and support the incorporation of “best-practice” instructional strategies that promote thinking, reasoning, and sense making in the classroom.

Designed by our team of professional development experts to address universal needs, these courses draw on our almost thirty years of experience in working side by side with districts nationwide. Our accelerated, sustainable, “best-practice” strategies and methods target universal challenges efficiently and effectively.

Created in partnership with you, aligned with your resources, and focused on your school’s or district’s unique challenges, our customized offerings will match the right experts and resources to your school’s or district’s specific needs.

Build leadership capacity with highly customized, collaborative coaching that will guide and support the development of your instructional leadership team. Leaders and Math Solutions coaches will work together to identify instructional priorities, set goals, and develop strategies for overcoming key curriculum and instructional challenges.

Your leaders will:

  • Identify priorities and align strategies with specified goals;
  • Learn what to look for during classroom observations to effectively evaluate instruction; and
  • Explore ways to nurture instructional excellence through the introduction of research-based best practices.