Video Post: Standardized Assessments Aren’t as Scary as They Seem

by Math Solutions Professional Learning Team, August 04th, 2015

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Hello, Math Solutions here, ready to talk about an important topic: exams. The standardized testing season can be a stressful time for both teachers and students, so it’s important to maintain a clear perspective and use strategies to prepare. Teachers, here are some things to remember:



First of all, stay focused on your students. They may be nervous about upcoming exams, but you should let them know that a test is only that. Their abilities in math don’t hinge upon their scores, and neither do their grades.

Also, it’s important not to let test prep take over your class time. Plan a schedule so you can add preparation to your lessons without taking away from regular math content.

Our book “This is Only a Test” can help you and your students go through testing calmly.


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