Participants Report Results

97.0% of participants reported that what they learned in the course will improve student achievement.

97.6% of participants reported that what they learned instructional strategies that they will use in their teaching.

97.1% of participants reported that Math Solutions instructor(s) effectively facilitated their learning.

Letters of Recommendation

High AIMS Consortium, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Norfolk Public Schools, Norfolk, Virginia
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North East Independent School District, San Antonio, Texas
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Results from Math Solutions participants’ responses to course evaluation surveys.

Below are testimonials from educators across the United States.
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“You and your team are fantastic and MNPS is indebted to you for the services you have provided us over the years. Our making AYP [Adequate Yearly Progress] this year in K–8 math is largely attributed to the trainings your company has provided our teachers. Thank you so very much!”
—Julie Martin
K–12 Mathematics Curriculum Coordinator
Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, Tennessee

“It was a well-planned and well-implemented professional development session that left me feeling prepared to use the Do The Math® program. Today was helpful and worthwhile. Thank you!”
—John Christiansen
Math Coach
District 75
New York, New York

“Thank you very much for an excellent training. As I spoke with teachers and principals, their comments were very positive. We were able to truly tailor the training to meet the specific needs of our APS teachers. We appreciate your team of professionals. These seven days have made a positive difference in our teachers and our instructional leaders in the schools represented in terms of content and pedagogy. We look forward to an ongoing professional relationship with Math Solutions. Again, thank you for a job well done.”
—Diann Phillips Ash
On Follow Up Sessions for Summer Math Academy for Teachers (K–8)
Coordinator of Mathematics
Atlanta Public Schools, Georgia

“Thank you for bringing two very powerful days for our administrators. Combined with the ongoing work in Instructional Leadership, our administrators are better prepared to lead us through new developments in our math programs from elementary school all the way to high school.

The administrators all shared that the knowledge pieces, the re-experiencing of math and the student lesson provided them with new understandings that will enable them to start different conversations with their teachers. I look forward to hearing about these conversations.

I am so glad that the Mickelson ExxonMobil Teacher Academy introduced me to Math Solutions. Because of that opportunity, we have been able to focus more of our professional development time on math for our teachers and now for our administrators.

Thank you and I look forward to future projects with all of you again.”
—Ramona Chang
On Principals—Instructional Leaders for Math
Director of Curriculum
Torrance Unified School District, California

“I would like to tell everyone involved with Math Solutions thank you for helping to make teaching math fun for me again. I get excited and have ‘Aha!’ moments right with the kids, instead of regurgitating facts and rules as teachers are sometimes pressured to do in order to ‘get it all in.’ Your publications are wonderful as well!”
—Laura Smith
5th Grade
Toliver Elementary
Danville Independent Schools, Kentucky

“We made AYP . . . a 20% overall gain in math. Thank you, thank you, Math Solutions.”
—Pete Thompson
John Carroll Elementary School, Maryland

“Our test scores have improved dramatically . . . in grade 5, they’ve soared from 30 percent to 75 percent.”
—Denise Walston
Math Coordinator
Norfolk Public School District, Virginia

“We just had an absolutely wonderful week with Math Solutions in Lewisville! I cannot adequately compliment the teaching team on the outstanding job they did. Teachers were inspired to improve their mathematics instruction and energized to accomplish that. I am so excited about what was accomplished during the week! We had a great time, and students will benefit so greatly from all of the instructor’s efforts. I know there was a huge behind-the-scenes crew at Math Solutions supporting that effort, and I want to thank everybody who made the contribution!”
—Penny McAdoo
Director of Elementary Mathematics
Lewisville Independent School District, Texas

“It was an incredible week! Each one of the teaching consultants was excellent. When I talked to the Education Specialist during our planning, she said that this course would ‘rock’ my teachers’ views on math and math instruction. It has done just that—my teachers are so excited about giving their students the same types of experiences they had this past week.”

“Math Solutions has made a very powerful difference to our district in just a short period of time. . . . I truly feel that we have a partnership with Math Solutions because of their support of our district’s efforts.”
—Sue Chapman
Elementary Mathematics Coordinator
Clear Creek Independent School District, Texas

“I want to tell you that our students did well on the math exam and showed a marked improvement that, in my estimation, reflected the professional development the faculty received from you. THANK YOU!!!”
—June Barnett
New York City Dept of Education

“Math Solutions has given us the framework and the tools to change the way we teach math. Our Math Coaches and Teacher Leaders have provided a multi-layered effect that encourages the momentum of change in the pedagogy of math instruction.”
—Pat Tilson
Assistant Principal
Tadmore Elementary School, Georgia

“I learned what it felt like to understand math. Now that I have had this experience, I am in a better position to know what it is I want my math teachers to be doing for our students. I have a new understanding of what’s possible with math instruction and what my role should be to bring it about.”
San Diego, California

“All [of the types of teaching modeled] fit my goals for education—they were active, supportive, collaborative, risk-free, and challenging.”
Westerville, Ohio

“These sessions empowered our team to provide leadership and furthered our commitment to improve math instruction. We feel confident in articulating standards-based instruction to our staff, and we now have an action plan to guide us for next fall.”
—Math Leadership Team member, K–8

“I just finished the About Teaching Mathematics, Part 1 workshop in Great Falls, Montana. This is one of the best workshops I have ever attended! Not only did I learn lots of good mathematics, but I also saw wonderful teaching methods modeled! All of the instructors were absolutely the best! They made the class fun; they were inspiring; they definitely knew their math well; and they made us think! Thanks for the great work you are doing for math teachers across the country! Hopefully we will have a new generation of students who love math and are able to think logically!”
—Nancy Dutchak
On About Teaching Mathematics, Part 1
Great Falls Public Schools, Montana

“I have come to love Math Solutions and cannot imagine what I would do without the concepts that I have learned. My students love my class because they don’t have to use worksheets all of the time. Thank you for opening my eyes to a new world!”
—Lori Robinson
Judson ISD
San Antonio, Texas

“This course gave me so many new lessons, strategies for managing cooperative groups, and ideas to help students become problem solvers.”
—Merrie Albrecht
On About Teaching Mathematics, Part 1
Teacher, Grade 8
Blackmon Road Middle School, Georgia

“I’ve learned how to facilitate learning rather than ‘cover content.’ Now I can use directed instruction and menus.”
—Anja Evors
On About Teaching Mathematics, Part 1
Teacher, Grade 6
Pierce County, Georgia

“I am so glad that I signed up for this course. It has helped me to take a closer look at the way I teach math and realize the changes I need to make. I’ve always wanted students to enjoy math and now I have some tools to begin to make this happen.”
—On About Teaching Mathematics, Part 1
Teacher, Grade 4
Savannah-Chatham County, Georgia

“It was the best course I have ever attended! I liked the hands-on work we did. I especially liked how the entire week was geared toward our own state’s standards.”
—On About Teaching Mathematics, Part 1
Teacher, Grade 1
Flint, Michigan

“I hope our district continues to have sessions like this—during the day, open to all educators. A day like this pumps, primes, and sets the attitude of enthusiasm. Thank you.”
—On Math Solutions Year-Round Sessions and Series
Bismarck Public Schools, North Dakota

“I liked the way we used arrays, models, and illustrations to demonstrate the generalizations and multiplication properties—much more effective than simply memorizing them or asking students to ‘take our word for it.’ It’s like giving them the tools to get proof.”
—Maike Christopher
On Math Solutions Year-Round Sessions and Series
Ft. Myers, Florida

“The demonstration lesson was extremely helpful. Seeing a lesson in action and hearing question strategies is always meaningful.”
—Patricia Fleming
On Math Solutions Year-Round Sessions and Series
Teacher, Grade 8
San Antonio, Texas

“I want my students to love being curious about math and to see it as an exciting adventure. I had fun being curious today—and I want to make sure that is how my students feel.”
—On Math Solutions Year-Round Sessions and Series
Teacher, Grade 1
Templeton, California

“The summer course gave me tools to teach concepts, and this series taught me how to glue concepts together and to understand more fully how they build on one another.”
—Angie Verano
On Math Solutions Year-Round Sessions and Series
Tacoma Public Schools, Washington

“I just wanted to thank you and our district for providing me with an incredible week! In 35 years I have never attended an inservice comparable to this one. There wasn’t a moment during the week when I wasn’t learning something new, either in content or methodology, and the ‘ah ha’ moments never stopped. The instructors were wonderful models for us—competent, knowledgeable, fabulous presenters, and extremely personable. I am eager to share these experiences with the Sunland staff.”
—Lynda Fox
On About Teaching Mathematics for Los Angeles Unified School District
Sunland Elementary, California

“This has been an eye-opening course for me. I feel that I have benefited in so many ways. I can’t wait to incorporate what I have learned here. Thank you for all of your knowledge and ideas!”
—Breanna Hamilton
On Math and Literature
Teacher, Grade 7
Bethalto School District, Illinois

“I want to provide more ‘Ah ha!’ moments for my students by using more hands-on activities like we have done this week. This will involve more group work and a different approach to learning for which to plan. I want to help my students think algebraically by making the same types of connections that I have been guided to make this week.”
—Brenda Brewer
On Building a Foundation for Algebra
Teacher, Grade 6
W. R. Coile Middle School, Georgia

“The presenters did an excellent job by modeling good lessons for us. I appreciated the kind, respectful way we were treated.”
On Helping Math Coaches Support Change
Math Coach

Highland Heights, Kentucky

“The instructors who work with us always make such a big difference. Not only do they demonstrate and reiterate all the pedagogical practices we should be using, but on a personal level, they are so consistently positive and pleasant. Their content knowledge is terrific and their attitude makes being here and learning so worthwhile and enjoyable.”
—On Math Solutions for New York City Math Coaches
Math Coach
New York City

What Educators are Saying about Math Solutions Books and Resources

“I recently read So You Have to Teach Math? Sound Advice for Grades 6–8 Teachers, by Cheryl Rectanus. I appreciated the format of the book, in that it answers typical questions that all teachers struggle with as they change their delivery of mathematics instruction. I will definitely reference this book in my future work with middle school math teachers, and I think teachers of math and those that support them could all find this book to be a helpful and practical tool.”
—Martha Robertson
On So You Have to Teach Math? Sound Advice for Grades 6–8 Teachers
Math Program Coordinator, Grades 6–12
Reno, Nevada

“I am currently working to finish my masters degree. I conducted an action research project in a 6th grade math class which implemented the use of the Marilyn Burns Fraction Kit and assessed its impact, as evidenced on a pre- and post-test. I have found great success with the program, and the teacher whose class I worked with loved it too.”
—Abigail Allison
On Marilyn Burns Fraction Kit
Teacher, 6th Grade Science
Las Vegas, Nevada

“The book was a great asset throughout the school year. This is my first year teaching first grade, and I read the entire book and followed many of the activities in it.”
—Beatriz Leyva
On Teaching Number Sense, Grade 1
Teacher, Grades K–1
Tucson, Arizona

“The Lessons for Algebraic Thinking series presents a valuable professional development opportunity. Principals and teachers in our own district couldn’t wait to get these great ideas and instructional practices into their classrooms.”
—Dr. Holly MacLean
On Lessons for Algebraic Thinking series
Former District Coordinator of Elementary Mathematics
Alief Independent School District

“I bought this book while obtaining my Masters in Elementary Education. I had been introduced to Marilyn Burns’ books while in a class called ‘How to Teach Math to Elementary School Students.’ I bought as many of her books as I could afford during that class. The reality from school to the classroom is that when I began teaching the team I entered did not think much of manipulatives for 5th graders and to be part of the team I was forced to down play my desire and prior learning and keep to the team plans. So without much fanfare I was clearing out much of my manipulatives I made during my coursework and found ‘Math Matters.’ I opened the book and almost cried! With excitement I realized here is the answer to my problems! Not only does this book provide ways of asking questions but ways of adding manipulatives into the worksheet world I teach in and does this in subtle yet clearly defined ways. Thank you so much for writing this wonderful book!! Now my teaching partner, a second year teacher, and I can work together and watch our children learn this year!!”
—Devita Ellison
On Math Matters: Understanding the Math You Teach, Grades K–8, Second Edition
Teacher, Grade 4–5
Casa Grande, Arizona

“Marilyn Burns has developed another exemplary educational resource that will help both teachers and students make sense of difficult math concepts. Teaching Arithmetic: Lessons for Multiplying and Dividing Fractions, Grades 5–6 helps students uncover their prior knowledge and try new problem-solving approaches. The Drawing Rectangles lesson presents a unique way to model fractional concepts and get students fully engaged and explaining their reasoning. For teachers who are struggling with this area of their teaching, this book will be a welcome resource.”
—Ann Harsh
On Teaching Arithmetic: Lessons for Multiplying and Dividing Fractions, Grades 5–6

“This series is a monumental achievement and gift for teachers who are looking for practical and concise advice on planning math instruction around classroom-tested lessons that work.

If you are a teacher who is on a journey to construct a sensible curriculum, supplement an existing text, or implement newly adopted materials, let these guides support your efforts with effective models of high-quality teaching and classroom management.”
—Lianne Morrison
On A Month-to-Month Guide series
Teacher, Grade 2

“I love your books, and especially enjoy the format of The Fraction Kit Guide and Lessons for Extending Fractions, where each chapter (lesson) is broken out into steps and days along with the Teaching Notes and the Lesson Vignette. I am wondering if you have plans to reformat Lessons for Extending Multiplication and Lessons for Decimals and Percents accordingly. It would be a welcomed addition to my toolkit of winning lesson plans!”
—Peretz Cohn
On Teaching Arithmetic series
Teacher, Grade 4–5
Odessa-Montour Central Schools, New York

“I am a home schooling mom and have used all three of the Month-to-Month Guides over the last three years. I don’t know where my math program would be without them. They have taught me more about teaching my three kids to think than any other books I have read. I only wish they had these books through high school. There is no 4th grade book, and I will miss using them terribly next year. I love your products. Thanks for all your hard work.”
—Heidi Fryburger
On Month-to-Month Guide series
Home School Mom
Dundee, New York

“Having taught for 20 years, I have to say that I have read a lot of PD texts over the years. I recently purchased a copy of Teaching Number Sense, Kindergarten. THANK YOU! This text offers great insight into the kindergarten learner, with specific ideas, along with management techniques. The author shares her insights of the knowledge and learning ‘kindies’ develop. Wow! I wish texts like this were available when I went to teachers college!”
—Anita Smith
On Teaching Number Sense, Kindergarten
K–1 Teacher
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

“I love this book! I have been a first grade teacher in public and private schools for 11 years. I have been allowed to use Marilyn Burns/Math Solutions books in a few classrooms. I just recently quit teaching to home school my children and am using all Math Solutions books. I have a first grader and a third grader. Since third grade is new territory for me, I find the Month-to-Month Guide extremely helpful. Looking ahead, I hope that you will come out with a month-to-month for 4th and up! I’ll be one of the first to buy each one!”
—Suzy McCracken
On Third-Grade Math: A Month-to-Month Guide
Home School Teacher

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