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Math Solutions Keynoting

Our keynote speakers are available to assist schools, districts, state agencies, regional and national organizations with customized presentations around key mathematics topics. Leader and teacher audiences will leave energized and motivated to inspire a culture of math achievement.

Featured Keynoters Topics

Featured Keynoters


“Equitable math instruction must provide access and empower students to see themselves as capable learners, users, and doers of mathematics.”

Dr. Matt Larson

Senior Fellow, Math Solutions


“The path to solving any problem facing the world, nations, communities, and individuals begins with offering every student the kind of learning that nurtures their curiosity and supports creative thinking and problem-solving.”

Dr. Cathy Seeley

Former Senior Fellow, Charles A. Dana Center, University of Texas at Austin


The following keynoting topics can be delivered by our 
mathematics experts on our team.

Pursue Excellence: 

Teaching Practices to Cultivate Student-Centered Classrooms

Audience: K-12 Teachers and Leaders

Learning and teaching mathematics are both complex, active processes. For students to develop habits as mathematical thinkers, their role must shift from being spectators to active drivers in their learning. This session supports teachers' understanding of NCTM's eight effective teaching practices that provide a framework for strengthening the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Amplify Opportunity:
Turning Up the Volume on Agency, Equity, and Courageous Teaching

Audience: K-12 Teachers and Leaders

This interactive session engages participants in designing and facilitating equitable learning experiences that both develop and leverage students’ mathematical agency. Through understanding the role of implicit bias and the importance of courageous teaching, participants learn essential components of math instruction that effectively disrupts the opportunity gap and moves students to deeper, more lasting learning in math.

Imagine, Invest, Inspire: 

Leading the Way to Ambitious Mathematics Instruction

Audience: K-12 Teachers and Leaders

A clear and shared vision of teaching and learning is necessary to support and empower teachers. In this session you will experience tools and structures that foster collaboration among all stakeholders. and define a clear and shared vision of teaching and learning. Identify the structures that are in place to support ongoing professional learning. In this session you will experience tools and structures that foster collaboration among all stakeholders to promote ambitious mathematics teaching.

Ignite Curiosity:

Opening the Door to STEM Instruction

Audience: K-12 Teachers and Leaders

The complexities of today’s world require everyone to be equipped with a new set of core knowledge and skills to solve difficult problems, gather and evaluate evidence, and make sense of information. What kinds of classrooms sustain students' innate inquisitiveness and develop their identities as curious, productive problem solvers? Let’s think together about how we can build a strong math background to prepare all students to thrive in a STEM-rich world, ensuring students are successful in any of the career paths they choose.

Maintain Math Rigor: 

At the Intersection of Challenge and Choice

Audience: K-12 Teachers

We know that choice matters yet maintaining the rigor of math tasks while providing students with choices can be challenging. Math menus and learning stations provide choice and also maintain the rigor. During this interactive session participants analyze features of high-level tasks and consider how to incorporate rigorous, meaningful learning opportunities into menus and stations in grades K-12.

Intentional Intervention with MATH 180

K-12 Teachers and Leaders

Overcoming challenges in learning math requires deepening conceptual understanding and working to build positive math learner identities with each and every student. As we explore the learning science on which MATH 180 is built we better understand the crucial role teachers play in supporting students for whom math is not yet a source of joy and inspiration. Meaningful practice, creative problem solving, and unwavering dedication to sense-making are critical components of intervention that effectively and positively impacts how students learn mathematics. These aspects encompass the very heart of intentional intervention.

Supporting Math Instruction:
Understanding the Progression to Algebra

K-12 Teachers and Leaders

What do ten-frames, an area model, and algebra tiles have in common? They are representations of core mathematical concepts that are established and built upon from Kindergarten through Algebra.  Understanding this progression of concepts and skills, and leveraging intentional mathematical representations throughout the grades, empowers teachers to anchor and extend students’ learning of grade-level mathematics. In this session, participants analyze the progression of algebraic concepts, deepen their understanding of how to introduce and use representations that last throughout the grades, and consider how to support students in thinking and reasoning algebraically.