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Into Math Follow-Up Course Topics

In the first and second year of implementation, our Follow-Up topics provide additional guidance to deepen mastery, hone teaching skills and build confidence when teaching Into Math. Topics are offered as full-day courses, or choose to focus on multiple topics and choose the amount of time you’d like to devote to each.


Available Grade Ranges*

K–5 6–8

*Additional options may be available

Additional Info

Topics are 90 minutes in length, but can be condensed to 60 minutes or extended to 2 hours.

Create an Effective Learning Environment

How can you create an environment where your students are accountable for their learning and feel confident, safe and respected? Participants will evaluate and refine the learning environment to ensure students are accountable for their learning and feel confident safe and respected.

Make Math Accessible for all Learners Through Differentiation

How can you make math accessible to each of your unique learners through the use of data and differentiation structures and resources? To ensure equity, participants will explore the powerful teaching support and differentiation options in Into Math to help all students access the mathematical content.

Leverage Into Math Data and Reporting Tools to Accelerate Growth

How can you use data and resources to accelerate growth for each of your students? To accelerate student growth, participants will utilize a collaborative model that focuses on data, instructional skills, and results.

Maximize Learning with Digital Resources  

How can you use digital resources to maximize retention of content through application of mathematics? Participants will identify and integrate Into Math digital resources to enhance learning.

Plan Effective Math Learning Experiences

How can you apply best practices and program resources to develop lesson plans? Participants will learn to plan effective, student-centered learning experiences that increase learner engagement throughout instruction.

Explore the Eight Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices

What are the NCTM Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices and why are they important? Participants will understand the NCTM Mathematics Teaching Practices, make connections to effective student practices, and use Into Math resources to implement each practice.

Teach the Language of Mathematics to Support English Learners

How can you support your English Learners with language development?
Participants will learn strategies to promote the use and development of math language for all learners, especially English Learners.

Format: Full-day, Webinar, Grades K-6

Follow-Up In Person – Full-day        9781328588388

Follow-Up Online                                9781328588395

Follow-Up Online Bundle*                9781328586704

* 4, 1-hour webinars

Format: Full-day, Webinar, Grades 6-8

Follow-Up In Person – Full-day         9781328588234

Follow-Up Online                                  9781328588241

Follow-Up Online Bundle*                 9781328586667

* 4, 1-hour webinars

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