Effective professional learning addresses the instructional needs of every teacher.

Content & Pedagogical Instruction

Math Solutions has been working side by side in the classroom with teachers nationwide for almost thirty years, helping them build a strong foundation in mathematics instruction that has increased student achievement.

Every Math Solutions course is based on the latest academic work and our own classroom-grounded research and experience. We put teachers’ instructional needs at the forefront of that design and strive to ensure that all educators:

  • Know the math they need to teach, deeply and flexibly enough to understand various solution paths and students’ reasoning;
  • Understand the conditions necessary for learning, what they need to provide, and what students must make sense of for themselves;
  • Recognize each student’s strengths and weaknesses, content knowledge, reasoning strategies, and misconceptions; and
  • Have the expertise to make math accessible for all students, ask questions that reveal and build understanding, and help students make sense of and solve problems

Designed by a team of professional development experts to address universal needs, these accelerated professional learning courses target your most pressing challenges efficiently and effectively with our “best-practice” strategies.


Created in partnership with your leadership team, aligned with your resources, and focused on your school or district’s unique challenges, our customized offerings will match the right experts and resources to your school’s or district’s specific needs.

Math Solutions provides professional learning opportunities in a variety of formats covering a wide range of topics, a sampling of which is described below.

Students need a strong start to their mathematics education—one that encourages conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and computational automaticity—to be prepared for academic success. Math Solutions helps teachers understand how students learn, develop effective instructional strategies, incorporate formative assessment into lesson planning, and deepen their content knowledge to be flexible enough to understand students’ reasoning and misconceptions.

Within a mathematics class, exhibit a wide variety of learning styles and instructional needs. Some students need more support, more time, and specialized instruction to learn. Math Solutions helps teachers adapt lessons and instructional strategies to meet the needs of a variety of students without lowering expectations.

Formative assessment is a powerful tool that can help teachers determine a student’s comprehension of mathematical concepts. Math Solutions helps teachers understand how to use the formative assessment process—listening, observing, examining, and using guided questioning—to identify knowledge and reasoning gaps and adjust lessons accordingly to ensure understanding and student success.

Math talk is a way for students across the K–12 grade span to express their understanding of core math concepts and content. It also helps students self-assess and, as they discuss math with peers, learn from one another to correct misconceptions and apply mathematical thinking and sound reasoning—skills required by the Common Core. Math Solutions helps teachers quickly assess their students’ content knowledge, reasoning skills, and fluency in applying math to specific problems and solutions through the introduction of math talk.