Math Solutions has the expertise, the experience, and the resources necessary to support you in the development of a strategic plan that will not only identify where you are and where you need to be but include the tactical steps that will help you reach your goals. When you partner with Math Solutions, you will learn what to look for in the classroom, how to identify and meet instructional needs, how to build capacity through the development of an instructional leadership team, and how to sustain the meaningful change you undertake.

Partner with Math Solutions to identify strengths and areas of need in your math instruction. Through a series of online surveys, classroom observations, and interviews with administrative and instructional leadership, Math Solutions will help your team pinpoint what you do well, and recognize critical challenges that need immediate attention.


  • Development of a data-rich Needs Assessment Report that will identify math instruction and opportunities for improvement
  • Identification of specific, prioritized, “best-practice” recommendations to address critical challenges and state standards
  • Guided discussion on report outcomes and next steps to promote instructional strategies that lead to student achievement

Based on school and district data and your Needs Assessment, Math Solutions will provide specific, targeted recommendations that will prioritize key challenges. We will then guide and support the collaborative development of a strategic transition plan with clearly defined milestones and metrics reflecting your school’s or district’s top priorities.


  • Identification of focused, actionable goals based on data and the current and future challenges of your school or district
  • Development of, in conjunction with key stakeholders, a strategic transition plan with clearly defined milestones and metrics
  • Creation of a professional development plan to support key goals and encompass each component of the Framework for Effective Professional Learning

Align district standards with the Common Core State Standards or your state’s standards.


  • Creation of an action plan for building awareness and buy-in
  • Identification of key concepts students need to understand as well as skills and content knowledge teachers need to meet grade-level standards
  • Map that will tie standards to units
  • Design of lessons and assessments that will incorporate the effective instructional strategies needed to make math accessible for all students


  • Your Education Consultant, who will help you customize a plan tailored to your unique challenges.
  • Your Director of Professional Learning, who, supported by our course logistics team, will manage your project from beginning to end, ensuring we are exceeding your expectations at every step.
  • Your Content Design Team, who will draw on the expertise of over 700 Math Solutions and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt consultants and authors to design professional learning experiences for you and your team.
  • Your Instructors, an elite group of highly credentialed educators who have earned more than sixty national and local recognition awards, including the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. Skilled in facilitating adult learning, your instructor will be matched to your project based on your needs and their experience.