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by Math Solutions Professional Learning Team, August 26th, 2016

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At Math Solutions, we love talking math talk, and we know so many of our education partners love number talks as much we do. Mark your calendars for our first #NumberTalksChat on Twitter next Wednesday, August 31st at 8pm EST!

Two participants will be randomly selected to receive a copy of Sherry Parrish’s Number Talks: Whole Number Computation. Join us for a lively discussion on strategies and techniques for implementing number talks in the classroom, and for your chance to win this award-winning resource. We’re excited to chat with you!


Here is a preview of the questions we’ll be asking, and a sample video of a number talk in action. In this introductory chat, we’ll chat about why number talks are important, and what to remember when using them in your classroom. In subsequent chats, we will dive into specific number talks. We hope you can join us!

q1: how can a teacher benefit from using number talks in the classroom? #numbertalkschat @math_solutions q2: how do you foster a classroom environment that is conducive to number talks? #numbertalkschat @math_solutions q3: what is your role during the number talk? what is the role of the student? #numbertalkschat @math_solutions q4: what are some important teacher actions that can encourage student participation during a number talk? #numbertalkschat @math_solutions q5: what prompts do you use to encourage communication in your math class? #numbertalkschat @math_solutions q6: what are some non-verbal signals your students use? #numbertalkschat @math_solutions q7: why is it important to engage students in mental math? #numbertalkschat @math_solutions q8: a) how does thinking about 20 x 4 help your students solve 19 x 4 using mental math? b) how does thinking about 30 x 3 help your students solve 29 x 3 using mental math? c) how would the previous problems build a strategy to help your students solve 49 x 2? #numbertalkschat @math_solutions q9: what are your next steps for using number talks in the classroom? #numbertalkschat @math_solutions


Video of a Number Talk in Action:

As you watch this 5th grade “32 x 15” number talk, keep these questions in mind:

  • How does the teacher facilitate the classroom discussion?
  • What conditions are present that foster a safe learning community?
  • How is student communication encouraged and valued?
  • How would you describe the teacher’s role during the number talk?

5.2 Multiplication 32 x 15 from Number Talks: Helping Children Build Mental Math and Computation Strategies by Sherry Parrish (Sausalito: Math Solutions, 2010)


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