Math Solutions Coaching Academy: Collaboration in Action

by Math Solutions Professional Learning Team, July 28th, 2017

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Math Solutions coaching experts met for three days of collaboration at our 2017 Coaching Academy in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania in conjunction with the Math in Focus Institute to collaborate and focus on best coaching practices. We wanted to share a few major principles of effective math coaching that came out of our time together. Here are 3 key takeaways as we think about furthering our coaching skills and building successful coaching relationships.

Communication is Key

Communication is vital in coaching, and we always want to choose our words carefully and craft purposeful questions to further and invite deep thinking and learning. We also want to listen skillfully and really understand what teachers are communicating about their practice and their students.

Be Mindful of Mindset

An effective coach must be willing to learn, have a passion for ongoing development, and believe in the capacity of the educators and students they are helping to grow and improve. We must adopt a growth mindset and encourage it in others. Incorrect answers are opportunities for teachable moments, both in the coaching setting and in the classroom. It’s ok to acknowledge that we don’t always have the answer, and to strive to understand the needs and strengths of the educators and students.

“We are here because we believe. We believe that kids and teachers can learn.”


Data Drives Change

Data displays create a structure for a coaching conversation & self-reflection. We must analyze student work and assess what the student knows and what they need to learn. To drive student-centered learning, we need to plan and set goals based on the data we are analyzing. One key to effective classroom data collection is a collaborative set of inquiry questions crafted by the teacher and the coach.

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