“Mathematics and Social Justice”: Method to the Mathness Podcast Episode 4 with Tonya Clarke, Ph.D.

by Math Solutions Professional Learning Team, May 29th, 2019

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This month’s podcast episode spotlights educator Dr. Tonya Clarke. As the coordinator of K-12 Mathematics for a large public school system in the greater Atlanta area, Dr. Clarke knows first-hand the challenge of keeping math relevant for the students she serves. In this episode she shares her incredible experience using current events to spark student interest. Join the discussion on how problem-based learning supports students in connecting mathematics, matters of social justice, and their everyday lives.

tonya's students on the value of using math to understand and analyze social justice issue. "we need our math instruction to look like this every day!" "it wasn't just a math project... we are looking at something that came up, that needs to be addressed and we're using what we know in order to be able to solve bigger problems." - tonya clarke, ph.d. "to think through the issue you have to uncover the facts. anytime you have to uncover the facts you have to pull out the math. there is math in everything." - tonya clarke, ph.d "(modeling with) math helps you make the problems and issues of the world visual" - tonya clarke, ph.D. "we are reaching students where they are and on the concerns that they have, the things that they're really passionate about." - tonya clarke, ph.D

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