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Math Solutions Practice-Based Professional Learning Courses

Designed by a team of professional development experts to address universal needs, these accelerated professional learning courses target your most pressing challenges efficiently and effectively with our “best-practice” strategies.

Every Math Solutions course is based on the latest academic work and our own classroom-grounded research and experience. We put teachers’ instructional needs at the forefront of that design and strive to ensure that all educators:

  • Know the math they need to teach, deeply and flexibly enough to understand various solution paths and students’ reasoning;
  • Understand the conditions necessary for learning, what they need to provide, and what students must make sense of for themselves;
  • Recognize each student’s strengths and weaknesses, content knowledge, reasoning strategies, and misconceptions; and
  • Have the expertise to make math accessible for all students, ask questions that reveal and build understanding, and help students make sense of and solve problems
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Math Solutions Program-Based Professional Learning Courses

MATH 180™, FASTT Math®, Do the Math®, and Fraction Nation® all support the development of essential knowledge and skills, helping teachers meet the needs of a wide range of age groups and proficiency levels.

Math Solutions professional learning services are designed to complement the programs in your district by providing cohesive implementation support to improve math instruction. Through a powerful combination of in-person professional learning courses, in-classroom support for coaches, and a wide range of foundational courses, Math Solutions provides ongoing support to ensure continued success.

Enhance your math instruction with powerful solutions to improve student achievement.

Math Solutions Customized Coaching Services for Individuals and Teams

Our job-embedded coaching for individuals and teams drives innovation and instructional improvement and provides the tools for your teachers to transform theory into practical classroom practice.

Students succeed in mathematics with solid thinking, reasoning, and sensemaking skills. Improving students’ understanding of mathematics is at the core of Math Solutions coaching.

To explore coaching offerings for your school, visit our coaching page.

Math Solutions Professional Learning Institute

Register today for the 2017 Math Solutions National Institute, taking place July 26-28 in PA! In this relevant and engaging three-day professional learning institute, participants will deepen their math content knowledge while learning how to develop students’ abilities to think and reason. Focusing on effective instructional strategies, including Number Talks, educators will leave the institute with tools to plan and be prepared for math achievement in the 2017–2018 school year. Featuring Keynote Speaker, Cathy Seeley. Early bird registration open now!