Video Post: Get Students Talking

by Math Solutions Professional Learning Team, December 01st, 2015

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Math talk is the practice of using conversation and questions to help your students learn to reason mathematically. As the name implies, however, they’ll only get the benefits of math talk by participating in critical-thinking discussions. But what if some students don’t offer ideas?






One way to break the ice is to use a strategy called turn-and-talk that involves pairs or small groups. This opens the door for conversation, allowing students to discuss ideas with one another in a non-threatening way before they share it with the class. Turn-and-talk also builds confidence. You may need to use this strategy a few times before more hesitant students feel comfortable sharing with the class.

[marker] For more strategies check out “Classroom Discussions,” “Number Talks” and “Good Questions,” which are also included in our Complete Math Talk bundle. We also have a Math Talk poster that can be displayed in your classroom to promote participation and remind you and your students of various math talk strategies.


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