This information is for requests to use excerpts from Math Solutions published works or journal articles by Marilyn Burns.

The majority of our permissions requests are handled by the Copyright Clearance Center. To ensure that your permissions request is processed as quickly as possible, it is important that you do the following:

  1. Confirm that Math Solutions, Math Solutions Publications, Marilyn Burns Education Associates, or Marilyn Burns holds the copyright. Math Solutions can only authorize permissions for material with these copyrights.
    • For books, confirm the holder of the copyright by checking the copyright page.
    • For journal articles written by Marilyn Burns, check the copyright at the end of the article or on the bottom of the pages. Please note that Math Solutions cannot grant permission for artwork and photographs in which copyright is held by another party.
  1. After confirming the above, make sure your request meets the following conditions:
    • An excerpt must be limited to a maximum of 10 percent of any publication or article.
    • Copies must not be sold for a profit.
  1. If your request abides by all of the above criteria, you are free to reproduce up to 50 copies of excerpts from any of our publications and Marilyn Burns’s articles, provided that each copy contains the proper copyright citation, in the following format:
    • Book:Reprinted by permission from Author(s’)’s Full Name(s), Full Title of Book, Including Edition, (Sausalito, CA: Math Solutions, year), page(s). © year by Math Solutions. All rights reserved.
    • Journal article:Reprinted by permission from Math Solutions, “Full Title of Article,” (Title of Journal volume number [issue number or month]), page(s). © year by Copyright Holder. All rights reserved.
  1. For requests that are outside of or exceed the above criteria, contact the Copyright Clearance Center using the link provided here: . Your request to the Copyright Clearance Center must include:
    • Title (of book or journal article)
    • Name(s) of author(s)
    • Specific material to be reprinted–include section or chapter, page numbers, and/or figure numbers
    • The format in which the material will be reproduced (course packet, presentation handout, web page, etc.)
    • A brief description of the intended use, including audience; for use in a course packet, provide the name of the course, the name of the instructor, and the expected enrollment.
    • Estimated number of copies (if appropriate)
    • Your mailing address, email address, phone number, and the name of the requesting institution (if applicable)
  1. If you have further questions not addressed by the above information or by the Copyright Clearance Center, please contact:

    Math Solutions
    One Harbor Drive, Suite 101
    Sausalito, CA 94965


We thank you for your interest in Math Solutions!