COURSE 1: Making Sense of Math-A Focus on Reasoning and Discourse

by Math Solutions Professional Learning Team, May 09th, 2013

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Among the highest priorities of the Common Core is for students to build a deep understanding of mathematics and use that understanding to reason about problems, make sense of new learning, and communicate their thinking to others. This full-day course is designed to introduce participants to the Standards for Mathematical Practice, with particular emphasis on the role of reasoning and discourse in mathematics. During this course, teachers will engage in reasoning and discourse, and discuss the implications for their students. In addition, they will analyze the complexity of mathematical tasks and consider strategies for transforming grade-level tasks to increase the level of rigor.


  • Discern how mathematical tasks and questions differ with respect to the level of thinking required to solve them
  • Deepen understanding that learning mathematics involves students’ constructing ideas and systems
  • Recognize the role of productive discourse in students’ mathematical reasoning and sensemaking
  • Understand the role of reasoning and discourse in Next Generation Assessments

Target Audience: Teachers and Math Coaches
Grades: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, K-5, K-8, 6-12
Format: Full-Day
Product: #544718



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