COURSE 2: Mathematical Thinking a Focus on Representation and Procedral Fluency

by Math Solutions Professional Learning Team, May 09th, 2013

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The Common Core calls for students to develop knowledge of computational procedures along with knowledge of when and how to use them appropriately. The goal is for students to become skillful in performing computational procedures flexibly, accurately, efficiently, and with understanding. This full-day course provides teachers with a deeper understanding of procedural fluency beyond merely the ability to memorize procedures and apply them with little understanding. In addition, teachers will learn strategies to support students in representing ideas visually, symbolically, and verbally, as well as strategies for helping students make connections between these different representations.


  • Expand understanding of procedural fluency to include carrying out procedures flexibly, accurately, and appropriately
  • Broaden the definition of mathematical tools to include anything that students use to think about mathematics
  • Connect multiple representations for the purpose of helping all students better understand underlying mathematical ideas
  • Consider students’ use of tools and representations for the purpose of assessing student understanding
  • Understand the role of representation and procedural fluency in Next Generation Assessments

Target Audience: Teachers and Math Coaches
Grades: K–2, 3–5, 6–8, 9–12, K–5, K–8, 6–12
Format: Full-Day
Product: #544726


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