the exploratorium in san francisco with colorful lights and street traffic | math symbols overlaid

Please Join Us for A Very Special Evening at the Exploratorium to Celebrate NCSM 2016!

Please RSVP by April 6.

Please use the form below to RSVP promptly as your invitation must be confirmed by April 6. Attendance is by invitation only and not transferable. The guest list fills quickly so please secure your place today!

Thank you for visiting. Registration is now closed. You may view the recap of this event here.


The Tactile Dome

Take an interactive excursion through total darkness in the Exploratorium’s Tactile Dome. Crawl, slide, and bump your way through the pitch-dark Dome using your sense of touch as your only guide through its chambers and mazes.



This invitation is for a gift to your school district. By accepting this invitation, you confirm that you have obtained any approval required by your school district. Acceptance of this invitation does not obligate the attendee or the attendee’s district to purchase HMH materials and/or services. Estimated value of this event is $100.00 per person.