Join our second #NumberTalksChat on Twitter!

by Math Solutions Professional Learning Team, September 22nd, 2016

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It’s that time again! Please join @Math_Solutions for our second #NumberTalksChat on Twitter next Wednesday, September 28th at 8pm ET.

Two participants will be randomly selected to receive a copy of Sherry Parrish’s Number Talks: Whole Number Computation. Join us for a lively discussion on strategies and techniques for implementing number talks in the classroom, and for your chance to win this award-winning resource. We’re excited to chat with you!

Here is a preview of the questions we’ll be asking, and a new sample video of a number talk in action. In this month’s chat, we’ll discuss creating purposeful number talks for your classroom. We hope you can join us!

Q1: What are some of your favorite tools that help students compose and decompose numbers during a number talk? #numbertalkschat @math_solutions
table consisting of 2 rows of 5 cells. 8 of the cells have blue circles in them, leaving the other 3 empty | Q2: how does a ten-frame with seven dots provide opportunities for students to use five as a unit? #numbertalkschat @math_solutions
student pointing at the number 15 in a grid of numbers. a teacher stands nearby | q3: what role does a hundred chart play in helping children understand place value? #numbertalkschat @math_solutionsq4: what are some representation you use to anchor student strategies for addition and subtraction? #numbertalkschat @math_solutions
q5: consider 38+37. a) if you were to solve this, what strategy would you try? b) what strategies do you anticipate your students trying? c) what math foundations are necessary for students to invent these strategies? #numbertalkschat @math_solutions
q6: what are some real-life contexts you post to students to make problems more accessible? #numbertalkschat @math_solutions
q7: how do you get students thinking about efficiency when discussing different student strategies? #numbertalkschat @math_solutions
q8: what is an example of a recent number talk that worked well for your classroom? #numbertalkschat @math_solutions

Video of a Number Talk in Action (to accompany Q5 in our #NumberTalksChat):

As you watch this “38 + 37” number talk, keep these questions in mind:

  • Are there some strategies that seem to be more efficient for this problem?
  • If you were to solve a similar problem, which strategy would you try?
  • What math foundations are necessary for students to successfully invent these strategies?


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