Number Talks

by Math Solutions Professional Learning Team, May 09th, 2013

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This one-day course introduces teachers, math coaches, and curriculum specialists to the theory, structure, and focus of Number Talks. As participants interact throughout the day, they reflect on their current practices and target essential understandings about numbers and operations called for in the Common Core State Standards.


  • Recognize number talks as a valuable classroom routine for making sense of mathematics, developing efficient computation strategies, communicating reasoning, and proving solutions
  • Characterize the key components of number talks and understand the importance of each
  • Explore ways to support students’ development of common strategies for addition and subtraction
  • Scribe student strategies that emphasize the important mathematical ideas that are inherent in the strategies
  • Use models and tools that support student reasoning, understanding and proficiency as called for in the Common Core State Standards for Operations and Algebraic Thinking and Numbers and Operations in Base Ten

Target Audience: Teachers and Math Coaches
Grades: K–5
Format: One-Day
Product: #561468




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