District Case Studies

West Baton Rouge Parish

partnered with Math Solutions in 2013 to provide additional support to elementary teachers, coaches, and
principals. The goal was to improve teacher effectiveness and student learning of mathematics. There was also a need for support in implementing the Common Core Standards.

Edgewood Independent School District

is a suburban school district in western San Antonio, Texas. Math Solutions began providing in-service support programs to Edgewood in 2012, focusing on the district’s crucial middle school population. Their three middle schools service more than 11,947 students, an overwhelming percentage of whom are considered economically disadvantaged.

Henderson Elementary School

in Midland Independent School District, a district serving more than 20,000 students, is a Title I campus where the majority of the children are economically disadvantaged.

Greece Central School District

has a student population of 14,000. Lesley Flick, Director of Math and Science, and Judy Reed, Elementary Math Specialist, expressed an interest in hosting a Math Solutions summer five-day course that would support the New York state standards and help district leaders regain their focus on a cohesive plan for math instruction.

Taft Middle School

is part of the California San Diego City Schools which is the second largest school district in California and the eighth largest nationwide. Math Solutions began working with administrators and teachers in spring 2000. A school-year and summer inservice partnership has continued, and the results are encouraging.

The Model Math Classroom

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