District Case Studies

Taft Middle School

is part of the California San Diego City Schools which is the second largest school district in California and the eighth largest nationwide. Math Solutions began working with administrators and teachers in spring 2000. A school-year and summer inservice partnership has continued, and the results are encouraging.

New York City Region 9 (formerly Community School District No. 2)

worked in partnership with Math Solutions from for several years. Anthony Alvarado, the district’s Superintendent when we began the project, sought help from Math Solutions Professional Development with the ultimate goal of developing a cadre of K–6 staff developers and, eventually, site-based teacher leaders within the district. To accomplish the district’s objectives, Math Solutions worked collaboratively with Lucy West, then the Director of Mathematics, using a large grant provided by the National Science Foundation.

DCMO Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES)

has involved more than 500 teachers and administrators in Math Solutions inservice since summer 2000. In September 2003, the BOCES published an in-depth analysis of the impact of Math Solutions professional development using student test score data, surveys, interviews, and classroom visits.

Darlington County School District

Darlington County School District

consists of 11,000 students and approximately 900 teachers—to address a mandate for teacher training funded by Title II, Part A (NCLB) and educational lottery monies. Martha Taylor, the district’s Mathematics Coordinator, wanted to energize her administrators to make changes to math instruction, so she worked with a Math Solutions Educational Specialist to present a special one-day session.

Alief Independent School District

partnered with Math Solutions to provide inservice programs, including summer five-day courses, introductory one-day sessions, on-site technical support, and sessions focusing on using manipulatives. This suburban southwest Houston school district serves nearly 42,000 students.

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