Numbers Between Zero and One

by admin, October 07th, 2016

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Students have many misconceptions about fractions. What strategies can teachers use to encourage students to share their ideas?

In this clip from Beyond Pizzas & Pies, Mr. Seay asks his third graders to share what they think about the numbers between zero and one. What do students seem to know about these numbers?








By starting with this question, Mr. Seay finds out that his students are not aware that there are numbers between 0 and 1. They also indicate a lack of understanding about the number line, as many students suggest placing 0 between 0 and 1, and another student suggests that the number 1 should be written at the same place. This is a good number talk to uncover students’ comprehension, or lack thereof, of the numbers between 0 and 1. For more strategies on fractions, see Beyond Pizzas & Pies.


(copyright Beyond Pizzas & Pies: 10 Essential Strategies for Supporting Fraction Sense, Grades 3–5, Second Edition)


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