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Growing Mathematical Ideas in Kindergarten

by Math Solutions Professional Learning Team, May 05th, 2017

Kindergarten is an important beginning. It can be the positive start of a child’s lifelong exploration of mathematical ideas or it can lay the first stones in what can become an impenetrable wall between “real math” and “school math.” In…

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Lessons from the Classroom

by Math Solutions Professional Learning Team, June 04th, 2015

K–2 Lesson: How many fingers?
from About Teaching Mathematics: A K–8 Resource, Fourth Edition, Marilyn Burns

3–5 Lesson: Using the Rods to show how ½, 2/4, and, 4/8
From Beyond Pizzas & Pies: 10 Essential Strategies for Supporting Fraction Sense, Grades 3–5, Second Edition, Julie McNamara and Meghan M. Shaughnessy

3–6 Lesson: Placing ½ on the number line
From Beyond Invert and Multiply: Making Sense of Fraction Computation, Grades 3–6, Julie McNamara

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