Celebrate Earth Day with Math!

by Math Solutions Professional Learning Team, April 22nd, 2016

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April 22nd is Earth Day, and it’s the perfect time to celebrate our planet with some fun math activities!

Allow your students to step into the shoes of Eratosthenes, who originally found the measurement for the circumference of the Earth, with “The Librarian Who Measured the Earth”, a fun exploration of circumference.

image of a circumference; lines dividing a radius as well as tangent points along the edges if the circle, creating a geometric image

Make sure to check out Farmer’s Math for gardening and math activities that are perfect for curious young minds! Engage your students in counting, measuring, and collecting data while growing plants in the classroom. The classroom is like a farm, growing plants and ideas, and it’s our privilege to help nurture the growth of our children as they explore these mathematical ideas.

venn diagrams, suflower plant : corn plant, pumpkin : turban squash, worm : caterpillar


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