Candy and Math!

by Math Solutions Professional Learning Team, October 14th, 2020

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Who doesn’t love candy and chocolate bars? We know most kids do! If you are looking for useful ways to integrate Halloween candy into lessons, read on.

We have compiled the following lessons and activities that involve using candy. You’re sure to get your students’ attention when you tell them they get to use M&M’s and candy bars in math lessons!



Division with fractions

Baking chocolate chip cookies to explore fraction relationships, fraction equivalency, and fraction computation

Determining how many chocolate cookies are needed for a class

Comparing fractions using chocolate bars

Solving real-world problems using chocolate

Fractions and M&Ms

Fractions and calculating allowance to spend on candy bars

How to fairly share candy bars

Use chocolate for additional practice after a lesson

For more resources to engage students in real-world math at home, please check out our free classroom lessons, which can be adapted for at-home or remote learning!


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