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This full-day course provides leaders with insight into the structure and pedagogy of the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice and a vision for classroom implementation. Participants will learn what to look for during classroom observations to assess instruction in the “processes and proficiencies” outlined in the standards; as well as ways to support teachers as they begin to incorporate the standards into their classrooms. Participants may also observe a video lesson taught by a Math Solutions instructor that demonstrates instructional strategies around the practices.


Grades k-12Foundational

GoMath_logo_300x127This three-day series of courses focus on teachers’ math content and pedagogical knowledge in order to support GO Math! classroom instruction. Topics include Math Talk, mathematical reasoning, procedural fluency and mathematical representations, all critical elements of mathematics learning in GO Math!.  Teachers gain a variety of instructional skills and strategies that will impact lesson planning and use of tools in GO Math! to support students’ development of mathematical ideas.

Grades k-8HMH Programs

M180_Logo (resize)This Leadership Overview highlights the reasoning behind the Math 180 strategy, provides videos from Math Solutions instructors, unpacks the learning progressions, and allows leaders to view interactive visual models, games, and more.

Webinar available soon.

Grades 6-12HMH Programs