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Growing Mathematical Ideas in Kindergarten

by Linda Schulman Dacey and Rebeka Eston, Math Solutions Authors
May 05th, 2017

Kindergarten is an important beginning. It can be the positive start of a child’s lifelong exploration of mathematical ideas or it can lay the first stones in what can become an impenetrable wall between “real math” and “school math.” In…

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Historical Events Rooted in Math: Opener Activities for Your Class

by Susan Ohanian, Math Solutions Author
May 03rd, 2017

It may surprise your students that many events in history present ways to explore mathematical ideas. In Day-to-Day Math: Activities for Grades 3-6, Susan Ohanian offers thought-provoking math class “openers” using interesting historical events.  Here are a few events to start your classroom…

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Learning from Student Writing in Math Class

by Marilyn Burns, Founder, Math Solutions
May 01st, 2017

In my early years teaching mathematics, I taught students to compare fractions the way I had learned as an elementary student—convert the fractions so they all have common denominators. However, in my more recent teaching of fractions, I do not…

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Celebrate Earth Day with Math!

by Math Solutions Professional Learning Team, April 21st, 2017

April 22nd is Earth Day, and it’s the perfect time to celebrate our planet with some fun math activities! Allow your students to step into the shoes of Eratosthenes, who originally found the measurement for the circumference of the Earth, with “The Librarian…

Coaching for a Mathematical Mindset, Part 2

by Sue Chapman, Professional Learning Specialist
April 18th, 2017

  “Math has always been difficult for me to understand. Word problems are the worst. Every time I see a word problem it scares me. I already know I won’t be able to solve it.” These are not the words…

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Race to 200: A Game Focused on Student Computation & Strategy

by Math Solutions Professional Learning Team, April 13th, 2017

How do you combine computation skills and a game in the same setting? The game Race to 200 helps students, and their partners, build their understanding of number computation, number sense, and place value. This game can be played during one…

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Math Menus at NCTM Annual 2017

by Math Solutions Professional Learning Team, April 05th, 2017

At Math Solutions, we’ve long been advocates of math menus in the classroom. This year at NCTM, we’re celebrating our love for math menus in our Riverwalk Cafe, in Booth 1125. In case you won’t be making it to NCTM…

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Curiosity and Collaboration: An Interview with Mike Gould & Treve Brinkman

by Lisa Bush, Director of Professional Learning
April 04th, 2017

Curiosity, collaboration, and divergent problems. How are they all connected, and why are they so important in the math classroom? I explore these questions with Treve Brinkman and Mike Gould in advance of our NCSM session on Wednesday, April 5th.…

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Math Solutions NCTM Giveaway

by Math Solutions Professional Learning Team, April 04th, 2017

As we collaborate and celebrate with math educators in person during the NCTM / NCSM conferences this week in San Antonio, we want to make sure our online community doesn’t miss out on our booth giveaways. Can’t be here in…

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Math Solutions Professional Learning Institute Giveaway

by Math Solutions Professional Learning Team, April 03rd, 2017

We’re celebrating NCSM and NCTM week with a giveaway every educator can enter to win, whether they are participating in the conferences in person in San Antonio, or following along from home. What better way to celebrate one of the…

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