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The growth mindset, the understanding of intelligence and abilities as qualities we can develop, has been shown to have powerful ramifications on student motivation and learning, and school success.


Mindset Works



Fostering A Growth Mindset to Build Confidence, Perseverance, and Success in Every Student

Decades of research by psychologist Dr. Carol Dweck and colleagues have shown that we all havefixed and growth mindsets about different aspects of our lives (Dweck, 2006). A fixed mindsetreflects a belief in natural talent: I’m either good at something or I’m not. A growth mindset, on the other hand, is a belief that I can get good at something through effort and learning.

When students and educators have a growth mindset, they understand that intelligence can be developed. Students focus on improvement instead of worrying about how smart they are.They work hard to learn more and get smarter.

In partnership with Mindset Works, Math Solutions is pleased to offer three new products to help students and teachers foster a culture of growth mindset:

Brainology (For Students)

Brainology, a blended learning curriculum, teaches students that their brain is like a muscle that gets stronger with exercise. Addressing challenges like focusing attention, managing stress, learning new content and building memory, it provides students with strategies for helping their brains to grow stronger and perform well.
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Brainology Includes:

  • An online, interactive program that teaches the scientific basis of a growth mindset;
  • Classroom activities to help reinforce and practice growth mindset concepts and strategies; and
  • A Student Toolkit, which offers planning, and selfassessment tools to implement growth mindset strategies in particular subject areas.

EducatorKit (for teachers)

An online professional development course that provides teachers with the knowledge and tools necessary to develop and deepen a growth mindset in themselves and their students through everyday teaching and learning.
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The EducatorKit Includes:

  • An online professional development course,
    “Mindsets & Motivation” designed to help educators learn about the growth mindset and how to incorporate it into their everyday practice;
  • Tools for educators to support their own process of adopting and implementing growth mindset practices over time; and
  • An online Growth Mindset Community that connects a network of informed educators to help develop and disseminate knowledge about
    implementing the growth mindset in schools.


A suite of resources developed to cultivate a schoolwide growth mindset culture.
Learn it! Teach it! Live it! Growth Mindset

The SchoolKit Includes:

  • The EducatorKit and its full suite of online teacher professional development and tools;
  • and The Brainology blended learning curriculum.

Embedding growth mindset in a school or classroom culture includes embedding it into the curriculum. Similar to the way Scholastic’s intervention solutions such as MATH 180, READ 180, and System 44 foster growth mindset, instruction should reflect the language, strategies, and expectations of effortful learning and risk-taking, and productive failure. Students need to learn how to persevere in smart and strategic practices, that may be different from one content area to another. And teachers and peers need to be enrolled in the culture and reinforce and reward resilient behavior.

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